Here you will find a collection of images of some of the instruments in the fantastic collection of Fons Vanden Berghen. Fons is a collector of 19th century telegraph instruments. As you will see, these are rare and beautiful instruments.

Fons is also a collector of very early wireless (especially Marconi), very early radio and telephony, and very early electricity (all items and related books).

Fons has written an excellent book "CLASSICS OF COMMUNICATION" which includes many of the images appearing in these web pages. This book was printed using very high quality paper, and the glossy images are absolutely superb. It is a celebration of the pioneering technologies that started the communications revolution with a special emphasis on telegraphy. A must-have on every bookshelf of the telegraph collector. This book is currently out of print. Fons may be contacted via email: fons.vandenberghen! (replace the ! with @)

His second book, 434 pages in Dutch about “The Internet in the 19th Century” (but with 650 images in an international language) can be downloaded from this link:

The Internet in the 19th Century

The pages here grew as Fons acquired the instruments over many years. They are mostly in chronological order as they were acquired. Fons has now a second website:  This site focuses on some of his activities related to the telegraph collecting hobby: exhibitions, articles, and information.  See for instance the exhibition in Fons's hometown of Halle, Belgium:

The tour of the collection begins by clicking "PAGE ONE" below. Links at the bottom of each page will allow you to proceed to the next page, or to return to this introduction page. Enjoy !

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